Fiasco Playsets

An evergrowing collection of 598 Fiasco RPG playsets

Links & Tools

A lot of other folks have made other tools to help facilitate making playsets and playing Fiasco.

Fiasco Classic

The Fiasco Classic edition book utilizes a playset (one of the 4 included or any of the hundreds on this site) along with index cards and six-sided dice.

Buy Fiasco Classic from Bully Pulpit Games
Fiasco Boxed Set

The Fiasco Boxed Set retains all the features familiar to old friends, while being much more welcoming to new ones. Dice and index cards have been replaced with playing cards to speed up play, add visual appeal, and improve the play experience.

Buy the Fiasco Boxed Set from Bully Pulpit Games
Roll20's Official Fiasco Module

The official Roll20 implementation of the new deck-based version of Fiasco.

Fiasco Module on the Roll20 Marketplace
Form-Fillable Playset Creator

Bully Pulpit Games' official form-fillable PDF for easily creating your own playsets for the deck-based version of Fiasco.

PDF Download

An open-source tool for instantly generating Fiasco Classic setups from a playset PDF.

Fiascomputer on
Fiasco Dice

Fiasco Dice is a handy tool for handling the Fiasco Classic dice mechanics.

Fiasco Dice on
Total Fiasco

A free Android app for browsing Fiasco Classic playsets.

Total Fiasco on the Google Play Store
Fiasco Mustache

An open source playset editor for Fiasco Classic.

Fiasco Mustache on Gulix's Github Pages
RPGGeek's FIASCO Playset List

A similar list of Fiasco playsets, collected on

RPGGeek's List