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The Definitive Collection of Playsets for the Fiasco RPG

Yokohama 1865

Yokohama 1865

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Japan, circa 1865. After centuries of isolation, Japan’s got no less than five foreign powers banging on its door demanding free trade and the friendly congress of nations with some very big guns. The whole society’s turned upside down, the samurai are pissed off, the economy’s gone completely to shit, and it looks like a civil war’s brewing. But hey, everyone’s got problems. America just had one of those herself. Russia just freed the serfs and conquered the Caucuses, and is hungry for more. France is, well, France. The Shogunate is weak and the vultures are circling.

But hey, that’s not your problem right now. Yokohama’s a wideopen town, one of the only places in the country where foreigners are allowed to live, and those Mexican silver dollars are flowing. Prostitution is legal and pretty normal, living is cheap and so is opium and sake. As long as you’re in the right neighborhood when the gates come down for the night, everything will be a-okay.