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Welcome to Mortiston, USA: It's a Fiasco

Welcome to Mortiston, USA: It's a Fiasco

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Mortiston is a medium-sized American city somewhere in the mid-western part of North America. In most ways it's just like every other little American city, there are good people and bad people, but most people are somewhere in between, just trying to get by. The National Weather Service has predicted stormy weather all morning for the Mortiston area. In the morning there was a terrorist firebomb attack at the school. Just before noon the weather broke and tornadoes were sighted in the industrial district north of town. Just after noon a small nuclear explosion destroyed much of the downtown area. By 1:00 PM, there were zombies on the streets. Z-Day has come. The rest of your life is now just for surviving.

Special promotional release for the "Welcome to Mortison USA" campaign setting.