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The Definitive Collection of Playsets for the Fiasco RPG

Vegas, Baby!

Vegas, Baby!

By Wordman
RPG Geek Rating: 7/102 reviews

It always sounds like a good idea. A few days in Vegas to blow off steam before the wedding, or to celebrate closing the deal, or just for the hell of it. Check responsibility at the door, you’re in Sin City, baby!

But so are the grifters and the hookers, looking to fleece tourists. The mobsters looking for prey. Showbiz lowlifes and corrupt officials, all looking for a better deal. Desperate locals with an eye out for a quick score.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists a day, from all over the world, rub elbows with the locals. Sometimes it’s champagne and caviar. Most times, it’s not. And, sometimes, it’s about burying the bodies in the desert.