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Teach Me How to Demon

Teach Me How to Demon

RPG Geek Rating: 8/101 reviews

When Lucifer was cast down from the heavens after his pride and defiance distanced himself from God’s glory, he took one-third of the angels of Heaven with him. Now reigning as the Prince of the Power of the Air, the Demon Formerly Known As Lucifer has armies of demonic spirits that do his evil bidding. But what of those that aren’t as smart, physically adept, or let’s face it, evil, as the rest of the fallen? They get relegated to a special fighting force reserved for the easiest, most menial tasks a demon could undertake, with the occasional impossible challenge thrown in just to keep things honest. In order to protect their fragile egos from discovering how incompetent they truly are, they have been given the name Legio Et Exitia Ruina -- The Legion of Total Destruction.

Have a cat that got lost in Fresno? Ever seen a kid throwing rocks off an overpass in Alabama? Wonder why that sump pump failed in that house in Munich? Maybe the TV in your hotel room in Adelaide inexplicably wouldn’t change channels when Gigli was on. You can thank the demonic forces of Legio Et Exitia Ruina at work in places all over the globe . . . because they don’t get thanked by anyone else.

Originally written for the Fiasco Playset Contest 2015: Mythical / Supernatural.