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Reunion: Class of 1994

Reunion: Class of 1994

RPG Geek Rating: 8.5/102 reviews

Nobody owned a cell phone, parents trusted us when we went out at night without the use of GPS tracking, and our social network was our home phones -- that is, if we were lucky enough to have a job to pay for a separate landline at the house. Music was changing for the better, movies were getting wider, and TV was getting riskier. We always had to look up the phone number to the neighbourhood pizza joint in something called a “phone book”, but we had our friends’ phone numbers memorized. We were less than ten years away from a technological revolution that would make our world seem quaint, and we were none the wiser. High School was all we knew.

This suburban high school class has had its share of memories -- victorious, hysterical, wistful, and tragic. Now, it’s time to come together to celebrate after 20 years of being apart. Some people want to live it up with their best friends and reconnect with old ones. Some want to take advantage of having a target-rich environment to sell cars, homes, software, and ideas. Others, however, are looking for closure, rekindling old feelings, and good old-fashioned retribution. This reunion seems like the best place to make it happen.

Originally written for the Fiasco Playset Contest 2014: Celebrations.