Fiasco Playsets

The Definitive Collection of Playsets for the Fiasco RPG

Protect and Serve

Protect and Serve

By J Lang
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In the criminal justice system, people work tirelessly to protect and serve the citizens of their jurisdiction. But the police and lawyers are humans just like their constituents, and can easily fall prey to the same foibles as any other person. Maybe you're tired of working so hard with so little reward, either monetarily or in the respect of the ones you're meant to protect; what's the harm in taking a little extra for yourself? You've earned it, haven't you?

Or maybe you're just tired of a specific type of crime, and go out of your way to thwart those specific criminals, even if it technically bends the laws to the breaking point?

Then again, maybe you're one of the honest ones. Perhaps you're an upright noncorrupt individual just doing the best he can with what's available to him. Even so, you're still surrounded by junkies, thieves, murderers, and corrupt officials of every sort.

These are your stories.