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The Office Party

The Office Party

RPG Geek Rating: 8.5/102 reviews

In the corporate environment, the thin veneer of suits and smiles hides the savage truth: that underneath it all we are territorial animals driven by the selfish urges of lust and greed. After a year of stress, the office Christmas party is a chance to relax, to unwind, to let down your hair. But there are always those who go just that little bit too far and lose their carefully-constructed inhibitions.

Having been pushed to your limits, it's all too easy to let your self-control slip through your intoxicated fingers and let your baser instincts run amok. So ladies and gentlemen, raise your glasses in cheer at this festive time of the year and enjoy what you've worked so hard to achieve. Let's hope it was worth it come the morning. Merry Christmas!

Originally written for the Fiasco Playset Contest 2014: Celebrations.