Fiasco Playsets

The Definitive Collection of Playsets for the Fiasco RPG

The Neo Underground

The Neo Underground

By Lee McSparron

// 2099. New Los Angeles. A sprawling multi-tiered metropolis of thriving prosperity. Beneath it, lies the city that once mothered it. An underworld now veiled in permanent shadow, it's monoliths rise and scrape the greater metropolitans underbelly. Industrial obelisks draped in huge sewer pipes from above, hanging towers that form an inverted skyline, jagged pillars of vertical cityscape. The eternal night is only broken by the glare of neon Mandarin, speeding police lights and zeppelin hologram commercials. Don’t choke on the chemical smog rainfall.

You stumble into the scene of the crime. Nothing particularly different from any other day in this cesspit. But this time you dared to peel back the curtain and just like that you’re plunging head first into a world of conspiracy. A boiling pot of lies, murder, corporate espionage, silicon brain networks, secret police brutality, virtual worlds of impossible drugs, where the wealthy manipulate newsfeeds and the homeless are armed to the teeth with subdermal implants. This city has it all and it’s all gone to hell. Dig your answers out of the dirt or claw your way to the top. There’s only one real way out.

Welcome to the NEO UNDERGROUND //