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Let's Be Psychik Friends

Let's Be Psychik Friends

RPG Geek Rating: 9/101 reviews

Headlines never read “Psychic Wins The Lottery,” but charging clients $3.99 per minute for psychic consultation could be the next best thing to hitting the jackpot. In the millennial fever of 1999, phones at 1-900 number call centers ring off the hook as operators answer questions from the arcane to the mundane. Keeping callers on the line as long as possible is every operator’s goal, and there’s a big scoreboard lit up to remind employees who’s ahead and who’s dead.

You work at Psychik Friendship, Inc., which employs over two hundred people in the Greater Poppleton area. With modern call routing technology, hundreds your company’s contract psychics work from the comfort of their own homes all over these United States. The I.T. Department is launching as a spin-off subsidiary. Marketing is pitching The Real World Psychiks Show as promotional infotainment to hundreds of domestic tv markets. Yes, indeedy, for a real go-getter, opportunities abound in mass market psychic services on the cusp of the new Millennium.

You don’t have to be psychic to work here, but it helps.

"Let's Be Psychik Friends" was the winner of the Fiasco Playset Contest 2015: Mythical / Supernatural.