Fiasco Playsets

The Definitive Collection of Playsets for the Fiasco RPG

In The Ruins

In The Ruins

By Eric Jome

Welcome to the ashen wasteland you bequeathed to us. You had it all, at least that's what the stories say. Enough food, clean water, no sickness, luxuries all around. What gods did you anger to bring fire down on you? What decadent excess caused you to burn out and fade away? Or was it just some damn fool mistake or terrible throw of the cosmic dice that broke your world and left us this ruin we squat in now?

Well, we'll be damned if we'll settle for another mouthful of canned rot or wear another castoff remnant. We're going to rally up our bikes, get all the chains and bats we can carry, and burn out down the last highway looking for that one good time, that little bit of justice, that thing that is our destiny hidden among the shadows. Consequences? We don't care anymore... This future you left us is a fiasco and all that's left is for us to play our parts before the final curtain falls.