Fiasco Playsets

The Definitive Collection of Playsets for the Fiasco RPG



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Kayamuri Town is changing.

Streets that were once deemed safe harbor foul spirits. Urban ennui, paranoia and misery are on the rise, stirred up by a unsettling feeling across the whole city. The animals are acting strangely. Out of the corner of their eye, someone spots a stream of ribbons moving along the rooftops. Were there always so few stars?

Most teenagers are focused on their exams, their friends, and whether or not sempai is going to notice them one of these days. Those that find themselves chasing shades and witches have a little more on their plate, and a little more at stake. Magic is real, there is an entire world of light and darkness that most people can’t see, and the young girls and boys signing up to become defenders of their home are getting into more than they could have imagined.