Fiasco Playsets

The Definitive Collection of Playsets for the Fiasco RPG

The First Adventure

The First Adventure

Magic and adventure rule the world. Adventuring out on the steam powered trains and traveling in magic lifted airships to ancient sites of incredible power are normal for those seeking fortune and fame. For those within the walls of the city, there is much intrigue and danger to be had as well. Magical crafting guilds vie with transportation guilds and security guilds to control the city. Assassins and spies are dispatched by the houses to steal secrets or gather information on political rivals, while the lower levels of the city and its ancient origins are home to secrets that might destroy the foundation of society. You’re just trying to make it another day in the magical metropolis, navigating the politics, using your sword or your spells to make some coin, and maybe, just maybe, making a name for yourself that will be remembered for ages.


This Fiasco playset is a bit different than other playsets you might see. It aims to teach and familiarize new players with the trends and tropes of fantasy gaming. Since Dungeons and DragonsTM is a gateway game for many gamers, I wanted something to familiarize new gamers with roleplaying aspects in a more comfortable way before throwing mechanics and character creation at them. I’ve written it with some accommodations to players who have ever played and have set it up so that the characters players make here can be ported into D&D classes and races easily.

Because this game is set in a fantasy themed city run by magically powered technology, players can call upon real world parallels while exploring fantasy tropes and experience what it is like to roleplay out a game. Then, they can move a little more easily into games with more mechanical aspects and tactical combat. In a way, this is like a full roleplaying backstory for a group of adventurers —their first job, so to speak. I often describe the world setting with analogues to other media or real world elements to help players have a sense of things. That won’t work for every player or scenario, but it’s helpful to have a starting point to deviate from.