Fiasco Playsets

The Definitive Collection of Playsets for the Fiasco RPG

Fiasco in New Crobuzon

Fiasco in New Crobuzon

Secret lovers make out furtively in the shadow of The Ribs, while sordid drug deals that could bring the City to its knees take place in the hovel behind them. A bitter-faced cactacae cocks his rivebow in a back alley before rampaging against the militiamen who killed his comrade in cold blood. That smell emanating from Salacus Fields has been there a week, and rumors have begun to spread about its terrifying origin. Better find a way to keep your head down, though that only works so long…

Fiasco in New Crobuzon is set in China Miéville’s fictional city-state of New Crobuzon, an urban fantasy setting inspired both by Victorian London and Cairo.

WARNING: This playset contains a lot of book-related jargon. Read (at least one of) the books and then relish in this transmedia experience!