Fiasco Playsets

The Definitive Collection of Playsets for the Fiasco RPG

Fiasco by Night

Fiasco by Night

The endless city nights shine with artificial glitter almost as bright as the daylight you will never see again but are afraid to forget. You hear the hum and clatter of mortal activity everywhere like never before. Details of each tiny life reveal themselves in ways that only a predator’s eyes can see. In a single moment you are finally alive again, feeling the heat of passion blast you in waves. You want it to never end. The limp body drops from your hands to the floor.

From the lavish parties to the lowest sewers everyone is trying to stake a claim. There are never enough places to hunt and too many ways to risk exposure. The quick and the clever might survive the night, but how much power will it take to survive eternity? Every scheme, every bargain, and every gamble buys you an edge and earns you an enemy.

You reach out – for love, warmth, humanity – but it can’t last. Time and old age will take them away. Time and old age, if others of your kind don’t do it first. Before long, the sadistic joy of playing your peers against each other will be all you have left.