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The Definitive Collection of Playsets for the Fiasco RPG

Fear The Con: NEIN

Fear The Con: NEIN

By Zach W. Lorton

Fear the Con 9 never happened . . . or did it?

In an alternate reality version of St. Louis, many things are as they should be, and many are not. For instance, Fear the Con 9 actually DID take place in 2016. However, through some kind of weird multi-dimensional RIFTing (likely at the hands of Chris Hussey), some of the best known and most Booter-beloved RPG tropes have come to life.

This fantastical playset is centered around and dedicated to the Fear the Boot podcast, its hosts, and its community of Booters. The in-jokes, the characters, and yes, the legacy of FtB has opened the portals of imagination (and perhaps destruction?) wide open. Characters will come to life, death will come knocking on hotel room doors, and Cthulu just might be hanging out by the hotel pool.

So tap a keg of cold beer, and prepared to discover if Church will run Traveller again. Wonder if Pat will discover a new type of porn. Explore whether or not John Gnarl will save St. Patrick’s Day from a robotic attack. And listen for the golden tones of Mikey Mason singing “Careless Whisper.”

Welcome back to St. Louis, Booters. Let’s get weird.