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Dragon 2000 All You Can Eat

Dragon 2000 All You Can Eat

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Nestled in the strip mall off of Hyatt Street is a hole in the wall restaurant. It says “Chinese cuisine” on the plate glass window, but no one in China is likely to recognize the foods therein. Most of the clientele appears to be Jewish, though there is one noteable exception.

The Dragon 2000 All You Can Eat Restaurant is notable not just for its vaguely Oriental cuisine. It also is a favorite hangout of the boss of the local Triad criminal cartel, Big Brother Zheng. He likes to sit in the back corner booth, where he can keep an eye on the entrances and watch out for assassins. He’s a terrible tipper, but are you gonna give lousy service to the local Chinese Mafia kingpin?

It’s a tough life working in a Chinese restaurant. You give thousands of dollars to a “snakehead” to illegally smuggle you into the US. Once there, you work long hours, hundreds or thousands of miles from your family. Language and cultural barriers make it hard to relate to the locals. Isolation and infighting are the inevitable results.