Fiasco Playsets

The Definitive Collection of Playsets for the Fiasco RPG

Devil's Night

Devil's Night

By Tim Jensen

Devil's Night takes place in Detroit, Michigan around the night of October 30th when delinquents go on a spree of arson and vandalism. This year the acts of criminal mischief will reach an all-time high, as roaming beer and drug fuelled mobs set hundreds of homes and businesses ablaze. Most of the city's police are on strike and residents will barricade themselves in their homes. And this is when the undead choose to attack.

A large force of savage vampires has crept into town over the past week and “created” many new recruits from the ranks of Detroit's citizens. Their objective: To hunt down and eliminate their rival, more genteel vampires existing in the city, using the chaos and confusion of Devil's Night to conceal their activities from the mortals...but not very carefully.

Players will assume the roles of miscreant youths out for a good time, vigilant business and home owners desperate to protect their property, newly turned undead soldiers in the vampire war, resident vampires under attack, or one of the few public servants who take it upon themselves to protect their city.