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Conspiracy in the UK

Conspiracy in the UK

By Simon Brake
RPG Geek Rating: 8.5/101 reviews

London. Seat of the British government, home to the royal family, and magnet for all sorts of weirdness. The papers are full of stories that years ago we’d have dismissed as fiction, but in our increasingly paranoid world, fueled by articles in the tabloids and speculation on the internet, it’s all too easy to see that the world we think we know is just a front. Theories and ideas abound, not entirely impossible to disregard. Perhaps the terrorist bombing campaign was nothing but a hoax orchestrated by the government to justify joining a unjustifiable war. Perhaps the recent outbreak of flu was the result of something the Russians have been engineering in their labs. Perhaps ancient standing stones and modern day crop circles are evidence of alien visitors. Perhaps members of the royal family are really lizards.

For every person actively chasing after conspiracies there are those who are drawn in unaware. And sometimes, just sometimes, there’s some truth to those stories, and there’s someone eager to stop them spreading any further.

Whether it’s agencies at crossed purposes, friends with crossed agendas, or crazies with crossed wires, you can guarantee people are going to get hurt in the crossfire.