Fiasco Playsets

The Definitive Collection of Playsets for the Fiasco RPG

City of Angles

City of Angles

The City of Angles.

A crazed pile of misaligned streets and randomly distributed buildings, with no rhyme or reason. Even the people that live here were plucked from their ordinary lives and seeded throughout the territory like so many pepper flakes... a bit of spice to the madness of a metaphor that doesn't apply very well to food or condiments.

Within the City, most try to eke out a normal life. It's the best way to try to stay sane, to sit back and pretend nothing is out of the ordinary, that you're just an average Joe leading an average life in an average borough. To truly come to grips with what's in front of you is to court madness... and cubism, the unique form of psychophysiological disorder that turns you into a bubbling cauldron of reality-warping insanity. A Picasso.

But hey, that's not you. You're not going to lose your marbles. You're going to get ALL the marbles, instead. This city is rife with opportunity for those willing to brave its nonsense. Without a traditional family or home to fall back on, you've forged new bonds with your fellow man, ones of survival and mutually beneficial purpose. Together you're going to make it in the City of Angles, or die trying. Well. Preferably not the latter.