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Children Homes

Children Homes

By Chris Goodwin

Chronically overcrowded and underfunded, Russia’s orphanages are places of shelter for children whose parents are dead, incarcerated, or otherwise unable or unwilling to care for them. Some of them were victims of horrific crimes, forced into drug addiction, prostitution, pornography. Some of them will be victimized after they arrive. All of them are desperate. If they’re there long enough, they age out, unprepared for adulthood.

There’s never enough food, clothing, privacy, space, in the Children Homes.

"According to the Prosecutor General's Office, only 10% of the graduates of Russian state orphanages and boarding schools are adapting to life, 40% commit crimes, more than 40% of graduates become alcoholics and drug addicts, 10% commit suicide." –Wikipedia, Russian language article on Orphanage