Fiasco Playsets

The Definitive Collection of Playsets for the Fiasco RPG

The Chaos Cup

The Chaos Cup

One year of sacrifice, of joys and sorrows, of pain. But here we are ! The finale is coming. In one week, we'll be raising the cup ... or watching or opponents doing it. And we have to struggle with the media, our entourage who wants to do what's good for us but only put some more stress. And them, the others, who want to win at all cost. And the substitutes, who'd like to get under the flashes.

By the way, what will I do next year ?

This playset focuses on the week before the big finale of a sports event. It can be a regional league, a college championship, or even a world cup, as long as it drains people and attention out. The two teams in the finale will soon come to end a year of hard work. Some already think of vacation, other plan their next season ...

This playset tries to stay neutral regarding the sport, but it was thought with a football high-school regional championship in mind. It's possible to use soccer, basket, cheerleading, choral or even Blood Bowl instead.

Do you need to play the finale ? Well, it could be settled in the aftermatch, or left pending. Who wins is not important. What matters is what happened around.