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Cartel Quinceañera

Cartel Quinceañera

By J. Lang
RPG Geek Rating: 8/101 reviews

Marcos left Mexico to work in the farms of southern California. But now he runs one of the biggest drug cartels in the United States. With the wealth and power he's amassed, he's going to make sure his family doesn't suffer the way he did when he was younger.

Tonight is the crowing achievement of that promise: his daughter, Ariana Rojas Fajardo, will celebrate her quinceañera, the fifteenth birthday coming-of-age festival. Marcos has spared no expense; this will be the greatest quinceañera California has ever seen. Even if he has to kill people to keep them from ruining the event. And there are plenty of people that may need killing; squabbling family members, incompetent employees, undercover narcotics officers, and agents of rival drug cartels are all likely to be in attendance.

But if they think that he's going to let them ruin his daughter's special day, they're sorely mistaken...

Originally written for the Fiasco Playset Contest 2014: Celebrations.