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Caliginous Fenghuang and The Big Game Con

Caliginous Fenghuang and The Big Game Con

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It’s the night before the big RPG convention. Many important people will be there.

Many important people who shouldn’t be there, will be there.

There are promises: Some have been broken, some need to be made, some need to be kept. There are old scores, hidden secrets, ambitions and delusions of grandeur.

There is a new up and coming RPG publishing company “Caliginous Fenghuang”. They are preparing to enter the market and this convention is their big break! The blood, sweat, and tears of countless hours have gone into this moment. Relationships are strained, broken and rebuilt as products are taken from being mere creative glimmers to fully fledged RolePlaying Games. Are the cracks beginning to show?

From the darkest depths comes a shining light, reborn. For the fans, and for having fun. But is everybody having fun, and at whose expense?