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The Definitive Collection of Playsets for the Fiasco RPG

Budapest Budapest You Wonderful

Budapest Budapest You Wonderful

By BY Tamás Noris Gábor
RPG Geek Rating: 6.5/102 reviews

There’s a city, in the heart of Middle-East Europe, not too far from the Balkans, on the middle of a transit route, which route not used only by the legal traders, but the underworld too. Very important who will be the ruler of the underworld and nightlife of the city.

Are you ready to be that? If yes, and you’ll do everything and anything for that, the money, the drugs and the whores are going to come with abundance...but is you aren’t’ll find your floating dead body in the river Danube easily, like “unidentified corpse”. Do you take the risk? Yes? So, let’s go into the night then!