Fiasco Playsets

The Definitive Collection of Playsets for the Fiasco RPG

The Brass Monkey Ball

The Brass Monkey Ball

RPG Geek Rating: 7/101 reviews

Well, when the crap hits the fan, you usually find yourself taking a shower afterwards. And now you want to go to the Brass Monkey Ball. It’s on Eta Wongo, at Jimmy’s Bar & Grill, the happeningest joint in the Hinterland.

But you know what happens, don’t you?

The boss is yelling at you, telling that you have to fly a cargo from one end of the Hinterland to the other end. And your date has already bought tickets for the Ball, and you know the crap you’ll get into if you don’t get her there on time. Then there are your buddies who want to crash the Ball and chat up some of the native babes and, you know, get a little Eta Wongo Pongo. If you know what I mean. (Really, it’s a drink. What did you think it was?)

But that’s life, crappy as it is. What can you do?

Based on the Hardwired Hinterland RPG.