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Bookhounds of London

Bookhounds of London

RPG Geek Rating: 6.5/103 reviews

The Depression is hard on everyone, but it’s hardest on the bookhounds. Not that there aren’t books out there to be had: baronets and bishops alike are selling off whole libraries now that cash is short. Not that there aren’t buyers for the specialised volumes: Eton-and-Oxford aristocrats willing to try anything as long as it’s vicious; sweaty would-be Great Beasts looking for the shortest path to demonic power… or at least to devilish orgies. Between those two groups, sellers and buyers, a specialty market has sprung up in black magic and blasphemous tomes, no questions asked.

Maybe someone should ask a few questions. Not questions like “Is this authentic?” or “Isn’t that an awful lot of money for a book with all those stains in it?” But questions like “Do we really know who’s buying that copy of Nameless Cults?” Or “Should we get paid in advance, just in case the ritual actually works?” But questions don’t always turn up answers, not kosher ones anyway. Forgeries, thuggeries, and conspiracies abound. London is full of Nazis and Satanists and worse, not always up-front in their dealings. They want those books. You had better get them. Rent is due, and there’s a Depression on.

Special Promotional Release by Pelgrane Press. Based on Bookhounds of London for the Trail of Cthulhu RPG.