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The Definitive Collection of Playsets for the Fiasco RPG

Blood and Ropes

Blood and Ropes

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The steel chair crashes against your back with a thunderous clap, and the crowd’s roar signals you to drop and pretend you’re out. As El Diablo turns his back to signal his victory, you make your move. He never sees your finisher coming. The crowd counts with along with the referee, “1! 2! 3!” and victory is yours. You rise from the mat and raise your new championship belt overhead to an arena going mad.

Professional wrestling is scripted, but it is not fake. The money, fame, and glory are all very real, and the belts still go to those who work hardest: in the gym, on the microphone, in the ring. But some work—maybe most—the fans will never see. The underhanded backroom deals, the chemicals that performers pump into their bodies, the backstabbings that aren’t a part of any angle. It takes a lot to get to the top, and a lot of people are fighting for it.

So hold your new championship belt high. You earned it.