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Birthday of the Goblin Princess

Birthday of the Goblin Princess

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Traditionally, royal birthdays are chances for the court to show off the grandeur of their existence, to counterfeit competence, and to use the commotion for power games.

Everyday life as Goblin Princess isn’t exactly sugar. You get kicked around, are never allowed to make decisions for yourself, and mostly are just told to shut up. Regular goblins, of course, have it infinitely worse. In-breeding and in-fighting are among the biggest problems for goblinkind, apart from the constant hunger and external dangers. (And let’s just not talk about the enslaved faeries.)

Unsurprisingly, the princess is very much looking forward to her birthday. The bloodcake is every goblin’s most favourite meal, and she gets the biggest piece. Her family actually listens to her (if she’s lucky), and it is her day to shine and enjoy herself however she likes. One day of carefree happiness.

The guards are following her only for her protection.

Originally written for the Fiasco Playset Contest 2014: Celebrations.