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Bad Habits

Bad Habits

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Punxsutawney, PA is a small town known primarily as the dwelling place of an oracular rodent. Each year, the groundhog named “Punxsutawney Phil” would be prompted by a man in a top hat to prognosticate on the coming of springtime. This vague remnant of ancient German pagan celebration is known as “Groundhog Day.”

A century ago, two dozen irish nun came to this town, led by a woman now known as “The Founding Mother”. Were they looking to help the poor of Pennsylvania, or were they after something more sinister? The Convent that they built, Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows, still stands. Most of the order’s charitable operations have moved to other areas of the country or as missionary operations to the third world. As it stands now, the Convent is basically a nursing home for nuns to go once they retire from teaching or nursing or charity work. Dozens of elderly nuns (and a handful of less elderly nuns) gather together to live out the rest of their lives in prayer, senility, vicious gossip and ruthless backstabbing.