Fiasco Playsets

The Definitive Collection of Playsets for the Fiasco RPG



By Zach W. Lorton

Many who play Fiasco do so for its potential to make things go completely insane. This gonzo approach to improvisational roleplay is a fresh respite from the rails of campaign play, and a wonderful stretch from those who feel they have sunken into a rut by playing the same character for months on end.

Amalgamated Fiasco started with a question: just how gonzo is TOO gonzo? In an attempt to find an answer to that question, I compiled 24 element categories from 24 different published Fiasco playsets, including 2 that I’ve written. I tried to find the most evocative, compelling, and detail specific categories that I could in order to make this playset as entertaining as possible.

I’ve also completely left out the Insta-Setup from this playset, as part of the fun in playing the Amalgamated Fiasco playset is its randomness in establishing the characters. So roll the dice, both literally and figuratively, and hang on for a wild ride!

Playsets Used
Break a Leg by John Kelly & Megan Pedersen
Alpha Complex by Dan Curtis Johnson
Fiasco High by Jason Morningstar & Steve Segedy
News Channel Six by Chris Norwood, Ken Coble, & Tom Gurganus
Camp Death by James Gabrielsen
London, 1593 by Will Hindmarch & Kenneth Hite
Double Cross Country Dash by Simon Brake
Let’s Be Psychik Friends by Jasen Johns
Touring Rock Band by Jason Morningstar
The Renaissance Faire by Steve Donohue
Dragon Slayers by Logan Bonner
Heroes of Pinnacle City by Ryan Cosnell, Josh Hoey, Anna Kreider, & Kit Kreider
Reunion: Class of 1994 by Zach W. Lorton
Back to the Old House by Sean Buckley
Teach Me How to Demon by Zach W. Lorton
Flight 1180 by Will Hindmarch
The Ice by Jason Morningstar
New York 1913 by Jason Morningstar
Town and Gown by Stephen Granade
Vegas by Jason Morningstar & Steve Segedy
This Mundane Life by Kezle
Lord Doomicus and His Giant Battle Planet by Scott Slomiany
The Office Party by Stelio Passaris
Boomtown by Jason Morningstar