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All The Damn Vampires

All The Damn Vampires

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Bless your heart
Snopesboro is a small Southern town, full of historic buildings, gracious living, and quirky charm. It straddles the picturesque Shoccoree River. It’s also got a slight vampire problem.

You’ll never grow old...
Unfortunately, y’all are the vampires. You may not be too clear on how the change happened, or you may know all too well. Either way, you’ve got to figure out what to do now that you’re dead.

...And you must feed
Being undead comes with significant drawbacks, true. But it also has a few perks. You’ve got to make some lifestyle adjustments now, but maybe you can also adjust a few other things before people catch on to what’s happening. Death is only the beginning, hon. If you’re clever, you’ll come up out of this mess smelling like roses.

Originally written for the Fiasco Playset Contest 2015: Mythical / Supernatural.