Fiasco Playsets

The Definitive Collection of Playsets for the Fiasco RPG

All The Damn Time

All The Damn Time

RPG Geek Rating: 8.08333/106 reviews

Sam Howard is a time-traveler in a bad way. An incident with the quantum flux conductor at work has pushed Sam out of time. Nowhe’s slipping through space-time, drawn almost magnetically to key moments in his past. He can only vaguely control it and, it seems, once he comes into contact with himself in the past, his past selves get unstuck in time, too. The trick is that Sam can only time-travel to places and times with which he has personal familiarity; his quantum echo (or something) reverberates through space-time. If Sam goes somewhere through regular travel in regular time, he can revisit it through time-travel. So, Sam-of-the-future has the most freedom to move around (and knows everything Sam-of-the-past-knows), but is at the mercy of Sam-of-the-past to shape his memories and history.

Time travel, it turns out, is a real son of a bitch.